Finding comfort in uncertainty

There is a lot of uncertainty in my life, requiring me to sit with the feeling.
I’m waiting on some health test results, whether I’m accepted for my research project, a big meeting where I’ll present, and a resolution from some social situations.
I have also been sick for weeks now, with nothing to distract me but Netflix and my pets.

How can I be comfortable with the lack of validation
and guilt for not justifying my existence?

When I don’t have any tasks to do and deadlines to worry about, what do I do to make me feel accomplished?
I feel guilty when I’m not rushing around, even when I’m too sick to do anything but nap.
But taking care of myself is still doing something, arguably the most important task I could do!
Patience is definitely not my strongest suit, especially with the areas within me that need work.

Life has its ebbs and flows,
periods of activity and periods of rest,
times of quiet, and times of movement.

One day I will look back and yearn for the uncertainty and spare time.
It’s a case of the grass is always greener on the other side, instead of making the most of what I’ve been given.
Can I sit with uncomfortable feelings, and create something beautiful with it?
How do you deal with sitting around?

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  1. We really are so hard on ourselves.. sadly in a ‘doing’ culture being is neither valued nor validated.. you have worth because you are you not for anything you do.. hugs and love.. sorry to hear you have been unwell. but maybe your body needed you ❤

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