How to suffer

n a capitalist world that rewards the mechanical status quo, it is hard work to suffer from disabilities or mental health gracefully. But since we can’t help doing it anyway, what is the best way to suffer nowadays?

Epiphany yourself!

We all get stuck sometimes, in relationships, routines or mindsets. I’ve come from a bad place to changing my life, but how can I help others do it? Can we induce epiphanies?

The time I did magic

Last year I was obsessed with spirituality. But it was with the Quakers that something unexplainable and truly magical happened.

The material search for intimacy

How do you create intimacy: does it come naturally to you, do you have to make time for it or do you fear it? And can you find it within yourself?

What if we DID choose our parents?

I was thinking about the cycle of suffering we go through, blaming our behaviour on our childhood. Can a little thought experiment free us from resentment?

Hope is a form of planning

I admire active hope, that first glimmer of knowing that there must be more out there. That if we can dream it, it must be possible to achieve.

What if God is a placebo effect?

The placebo effect largely depends on the level of trust the patient has in the treatment, just like God’s love can be felt by the people who believe in it.

A love letter to London during the lockdown

I was using public transport for the first time in weeks, and although deserted, I still encountered people in the same train carriage as me. My beloved London was quiet now, and the absence of people struck all the more with a deep blue sky above me. I was on my way to volunteer in…

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