How to let go or the lost conduit to source

We have all suffered heartbreak, and we all carry around scars.
Be it an unrequited crush, a lost pet, or a dream we had to give up on:
it hurts, and it keeps on hurting.
How come it often takes years to heal from heartbreak, and what does it say about our spiritual wellness?

“The greatest disease in the West today (…) is being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for. (…)
The only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. (…)
There’s a hunger for love, as there is a hunger for God.”

– Mother Theresa

We make totems of lost lovers and objects that made us feel holy.
Today I attended a virtual talk by Russell Brand where he talked about the loss of his cat.
This had been harder on him than the death of any person.
He had found reprise and sacredness in his cat, unconditional love and acceptance.
Warning of incoming God talk: Do we attribute the qualities of our Higher Power unto what we hold holy because we have lost our conduit to Source?

You may not be religious, but you definitely have faith in something.
God is but a label that has become quite laden and heavy these days.

It can feel impossible to let go of the pain of having been let gone.
I lost one of my rats last year, writing about the gift of grief, but there is still a hole inside of me.
Instead of treasuring the time I was given, I am yearning to turn it back. And this was only a rat!
With people who have lost partners or family (my heart goes out to you), there will forever be a before and an after. How do we accept that this chapter has closed and that it is time to move on?

This is why people give up their life to a Higher Power.
What we want does not matter anyway, it can be taken from us at any time.
We loved our pet or person because we saw God in them, so let’s worship God directly.
Let’s reconnect to kindness, honesty, nature and humility.

Rebuilding our conduit to God does not mean letting go of our memories.
But we do get to let go of our pain.
We can worship the qualities of whoever we had in our hearts and honour them.
Instead of living in the past, we can find their spirit in the present.

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