I May Destroy You: consent to break your heart

The newest BBC show created by powerhouse Michaela Coel has taken the UK by storm.
With refreshing honesty, I May Destroy You managed to address consent, trauma and racism all in one.
I’ve never seen such a raw depiction of issues that young people are actually struggling with on the small screen.

“If you don’t think racism exists,
your trauma has made you blind.” – Michaele Coel

In 2016, Michaela was living the life of the series protagonist Arabella: a young creative of colour living in the city, pulling all-nighters and getting her drink spiked.
Often the lines between the character and the creator blurred, but this has been quite healing for Michaela. Some other experiences, notably of racism, are still too painful too share.
While the writing is excellent, we never forget that we are granted a window into someone’s real life.
Friendship dynamics, professional jealousy and period sex; this show is far from one-dimensional.

“I really don’t know (about being a woman).
I’m busy being black and poor right now.”

It’s the intersectionality of Arabella’s struggles that struck me.
It’s not just the sexual assault, the subtle racism at work, the PTSD flashbacks and running out of money.
There’s violation and a sense of overwhelming around every corner.
And throughout all, we cannot help but admire how our protagonists navigate the situations.
We are given powerful role models who report and expose their abuses.
Black stories such as fetishisation and quotas are told in the mainstream.
The dangers of drugs and alcohol are highlighted, but never villified.

I think you just have to do you, whatever that is, and not feel like you have to be a certain way for other people to like you.”

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