How movement can heal your trauma

In the mind-body school of trauma, movement is a staple to recovery.
Often we associate bodily sensations with danger, so we disassociate. But gentle movement therapy can help!

What if we DID choose our parents?

I was thinking about the cycle of suffering we go through, blaming our behaviour on our childhood. Can a little thought experiment free us from resentment?

My new tattoo and the eightfold path

Two years ago in a Nepalese lake town, I got a lotus flower tattooed on my left wrist.
Finally, I got my other wrist tattooed with the dharma wheel.

We do not question electricity

While I understand the technicality of the Internet, I do not understand it practically.And yet, here I am using it every day all day.

What if God is a placebo effect?

The placebo effect largely depends on the level of trust the patient has in the treatment, just like God’s love can be felt by the people who believe in it.