Everyone has Faith – prove me wrong

Faith has been correlated to higher motivation for personal growth by Rogers and Maslow as well as stronger internal control by Duke University. There’s numerous scientific proof that faith can be beneficial to us, but like many other millennials, accepting the possibility of God felt wrong.

We’re so used to doubting anything unscientific, we have forgotten to doubt our doubt.

I grew up in a spiritually-abusive household, and the name of God left a sour taste in my mouth. I had always been fascinated by faith; sneaking into church to admire its stained windows and reading the major religious books. I felt that I was missing out on something huge when speaking to people of faith. I envied how calm and collected they seemed.
However, I did not want to give away power and deny my accountability in life.

Everyone is religious and believes in more than themselves;
but not everyone can name their church.

Even atheists have a higher power: consumerism, education or the stock market, you name it.
Defining God to a man in the sky seems narrow-minded. To me, any system bigger than us that we put our trust in, especially if we work in its grander interests, satisfies as a higher power.
In recovery, we talk of God as the connection between the people in our rooms, the glue that makes us connect to each other. Does anyone go through life only believing in their own power?

My God is the spark of compassion that makes me seek common ground with whoever hurt my feelings.

So how do we cultivate a relationship with our higher power?
Every morning, I write out two new items on my gratitude list (usually whatever is annoying me so I ponder how lucky I am to have these problems, read more about this here).
Every morning and evening, I pray to be merciful, patient and kind to myself and others. I acknowledge that I am powerless over my afflictions, and that I need a new way of life independent from what I or my immediate surroundings think.
Every day, I spend an hour in spirituality, either meditating, journalling or being with my pets.
Every day, I do one good act without being recognised for it. I go out of my way to help, I choose to be uncomfortable so others aren’t or give to the needy instead of treating myself.

How does God show themselves to you? Do you consider yourselves spiritual?

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