No outside validation – gratitude for all things

What we are looking for is where we are looking from.
All the things we long for and desire; the very fact that we can imagine them means they are attainable. What are they for if we can’t be grateful for what we already have? The trick is to not shy away when we first fail, but to learn and get up stronger. If we wait for the outside world to praise us, we will forever remain a follower.

Nobody is born with perfect coping systems: we are all shaped by our environments. We can’t help our upbringing, but we often have a say in who becomes part of our echo chamber now. Our relationships can become healthier when we do not expect them to fulfil our every need. By training our minds to see the good instead of the negative, we see opportunities where there were hurdles. We truly reparent ourselves.

Learn to praise yourself, even if the smallest progress was made. Especially then. We are far more likely to stick with something if we start small. We are also far more likely to reach a goal when we validate our efforts along the way. Once we do not require other people to feel whole, we are self-sufficient. By becoming our own cheerleaders, we become invincible.

Gratitude is an action, not a verb. By practicing it without judgement or criteria, we are sure to appreciate our goals once we reach them. If not, we will continuously move the goal post and always be longing for something. Let’s be grateful especially when we feel lacking. Often we fall into the trot of being negative and feeling sorry for ourselves, and do not see our gifts. If external factors can change our moods, why cannot we?

5 thoughts on “No outside validation – gratitude for all things

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  1. Now, this is one of those sounds simple but pretty difficult to achieve isn’t it? No matter how hard I try to celebrate my tiny victories, sometimes I just can’t help but look at other people’s trophies and compare my own. How do I train my mind? I need to learn more. Thank you for sharing this! It felt like a nudge and I am somehow brought into a realization, that I am enough. Truly, thank you ❤️


    1. That’s so kind! We are all learning, so be patient with yourself! I find gratitude journals and distancing myself from my problems helpful, but I’m sure you will get there x


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