Epiphany yourself!

We all get stuck sometimes, in relationships, routines or mindsets. I’ve come from a bad place to changing my life, but how can I help others do it? Can we induce epiphanies?

That’s it, I’m doing it!

The thing about quitting one addiction is how obvious all others become.
Now I know how much better life is without the one thing that made it worth living, I’m out of excuses.

Have you made yourself proud today?

Obviously we deserve to take it easy from time to time. It is possible to be unproductive and still make yourself proud! But are you sleeping easy tonight?

Sub 2-hour marathons and critical chaos

If the impossible knows a limit, it certainly is not in the brain. A Washington University paper confirms one of the predictions in favour of criticality maximising information processing in neural networks. “We were surprised to find that, in our models, it was largely accounted for by a population of inhibitory neurons that, in retrospect,…