3 motivational to-do’s when you don’t want to do anything

Stuck inside feeling useless and unmotivated? You’re not alone.
With everyone working from home, our usual routines have been messed up. With new coworkers in the form of family, it’s much harder to get in the zone. Maybe you work desk isn’t set up properly, maybe you internal tools involved external distractions that are not unavailable.
How can we motivate ourselves again?

I’ve written an earlier post about 5 things that will make working from home easier, but what if we have spend the last week sleeping til 11am and watched Netflix all day? That sounds weirdly specific because it is based on me (shocker), so how have I dragged myself out of my slump?

  1. No fun, no work.
    The human brain works on a rewards basis. Painful work that requires a lot of energy will naturally want to be avoided. By releasing dopamine, the “go-get-it” centre of our brain will be activated, and motivation will rise. Don’t forget to celebrate, recognise and praise the work you’ve been doing.

2. That thing about Rome…
If you’re setting out to complete massive tasks in one day, you’re bound to be disappointed. Try planning your tasks for the day in a SMART way: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. You don’t want to lose your motivation by biting off too much!

3. Feel the love!
You’re much more likely to stay on the ball if you feel like your work is relevant. If you’re like me, you might procrastinate from intimidating tasks by less important tasks. But that will impact your overall motivation! You’re much more likely to reach your goals when you feel appreciated from your coworkers and peers.

Did you find these tips useful? Or not? Either way, let me know! Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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