Happy World Mental Health Day!

Today, I celebrated by cancelling all my plans and sleeping for hours.
Sometimes, this is what depression looks like. Sometimes, it’s self-care.

How to surrender our ego

Stuck in our ego, we just can’t get ourselves to do what needs to be done. What can we do to make sure our ego doesn’t blind us in the moment?

Claim your life back, one breath at a time (a short story)

Restless and anxious, I come back home. Meaning, I sit back down with my laptop to write you a short story.The days are still dark now in February, one storm after the other blowing through the UK and my mind. Dark days indeed I think, scrolling through twitter: adults attacking a teen climate fighter, hate…

How reality TV is helping my mental health (no joke)

I must be the first person ever to state this, and I’m well aware of the controversy. After all, 38 deaths have been linked to former reality star contestants, and the online trolling has been horrendous. How come someone as outspoken about mental health as I cannot keep away from Love Island each night? Many…

Writing nothing but #poem

Knowing nothing butthat leaving is a return home Feeling nothing butthat healing is a dance that shows both light and darkness, up and downthink you’re winning only to frown Understanding nothing butthat this road knots into me alone Seeing nothing butthat thoughts cannot move me if blown way out of scale, watching their shadowsI long…