How to surrender our ego

We’ve all been there.
Stuck between our ego, a rock and a hard place, we just can’t get ourselves to do what needs to be done.
Whether it’s forgiving someone, being honest or giving up our need to control; when caught up in the moment, it’s impossible to see straight and see the right path.
What can we do to make sure our ego doesn’t blind us in the moment?

“This is just who I am.”

How do we know which areas we need to work on and which are just part of who we are?
The answer is that whatever keeps us from growing needs to go. With patience, we can tackle any and all aspects of ourselves.
There is no part of us that is exempt of change.
There is no part that we dislike and yet makes us “us”.
We are what we work on.

Don’t shame and blame your ego
– cure it with love

Don’t fight fire with fire. The temptation is to stay stuck, wishing for us to be different.
If we feel negative feelings, staying with negativity is not magically going to find us positive results. We have trained ourselves to see gloom and doom, but no matter what we’re trying to overcome, there is good we can praise! We are trying after all, being proactive and expanding our knowledge. If we don’t applaud ourselves for trying to change, good luck actually changing!

When I find myself repeating ‘I hate myself’, I think ‘It’s okay that I feel that way right now.’
Sometimes I get triggered when people feel sorry for me, and I get standoffish. So I praise myself for noticing my unhelpful patterns and do as much as I can right now with the intention to make up for my behaviour.

The truth is way more uncomfortable than lying, but also way easier – Brene Brown

The thing about denial is we don’t know we’re in it until we’re out of it.
Giving in to our ego is staying in denial instead of being courageous enough to see the truth.
It is often only in hindsight we realised to have been selfish. In that case, you might want to read my 9 essential tips to a true apology.

It takes time to understand the true extent of our ego and its manifestations.
In order to be aware of when we are being selfish, we need to first be aware in the first place.
Meditation teaches us to be present in the moment, which allows us to catch these unconscious ticks. Even if you start with 5min a day, you will be amazed at the progress you’ll quicky make!

2 thoughts on “How to surrender our ego

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  1. Amazing Post! Not only your content is deep and your post clean, but there is a sense of vulnerability and honesty in your post.

    And since you have mentioned meditation, I would like to recommend you 6Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani on Youtube, try it out once and let me know if that sounds helpful to you.


    1. I will check it out for my morning meditation, thank you so much for the tip and the kind words! My blog has become journalling for self-reflection and learning, so this means a lot!


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