To my younger self: Once you know yourself

You will spend years wondering why you’re not kinder, more patient or honest.
People will tell you what to do, call you names and question your motives.
You will listen to every criticism, but believe me, once you know yourself
you can’t help but laugh when being told who you are.

See, you already know your true nature!
No longer taking their words at face value, you will know your virtues.
You will understand that your flaws were diamonds in the rough,
your fears future opportunities to conquer,
your pride a lesson in humility.

You will no longer obsess over every single criticism strangers hurl your way,
you will no longer swat away compliments your loved ones give you.
At the end of each day, you will recount your blessings with ease,
and go to sleep happily no matter what you’ve achieved, completely at peace.

All this may seem far out of reach, and yet your hopes are about to come true:
All you’ve ever dreamt for yourself is about to be you.
Don’t yearn for this day, wasting days wishing for tomorrow;
before you know it your life will be completely anew.

So dry your tears, lift up your head, and sigh no more!
What privilege to count the days when already so rich!
You’re still too close to yourself to see the masterpiece created,
so step aside, let in the sun, and fail some more!

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