Uncertain futures and rising plans

If your plans have fallen through because of the pandemic, welcome to the club!
We are certainly not the only ones, but I do feel like one of the most hesitant ones. I feel uncertain about everything the lockdown impacts (so yeah, everything), but mostly my career.
All the best laid plans…

How do we not loose ourselves in self-pity and instead find new opportunities?

In my case, there are no jobs at all in my field. I’ve been thinking that now is a good time to go back to university, even with the probable long distance learning. Still better than the constant mental grind of rejections or worse, no reply at all to job applications! But then what to study?
Basically, I spend a long time deciding on a 3 year plan, and I did not expect limbo to appear.

What bothers me is how much time I’m wasting going back and forth between options.

It’s the struggle of a perfectionist, or rather the anxious who wishes herself a perfectionist.
Rationally, I understand that everyone is struggling at the moment, and that I should count myself lucky to even think about going back to university and still survive financially.
Emotionally, I feel useless, lazy and lost. Our feelings do not listen to logic; they demand to be felt no matter how much worse others have it.

The fear of mistakes is the regret of acting in the first place.

Of course, the solution is to have faith in the grand scheme of things and my own abilities. Easier said than done! After all, faith and fear are mutually exclusive. There is no point to plans at all since life always happens differently than expected, so maybe I could use this as motivation to live in the present? How do you handle unexpected changes?

3 thoughts on “Uncertain futures and rising plans

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  1. It is a difficult situation at this present moment. What you thought of doing, ie: distance learning is a good option in order to sustain motivation. Learning is better than worrying over something that you cannot control.


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