What on earth is my life?!

At 27 years old, I should really know what my career is like.
I studied Business, I worked in film marketing, then I studied Filmmaking and shot my short film.
I said here that school was not for me, I talked about going back to it, and now I am!
After changing careers once already, you’d think I would sit still?

“I’m sure I missed a whole bunch of
opportunities and I’m gonna miss others,
but I’ve caught a lot of them too and in the end,
it’s how many I catch not how many I loose.
– Francis Coppola

I don’t believe in studying creative, practical subjects, at least not for me.
I tried it and could not bear being told what to do, I prefer learning with experience.
So with the thread of a second lockdown looming ahead, I decided against studying film.
I was also intrigued by psychology (I mean look at this blog), but another 4 years of studying?
So in the end, I applied for postgraduate degrees in Sociology.
With a twist though: come fall, I’ll be studying Human Rights!
Instead of everything I could have studied, finally deciding opened up a new world to me!

“Filmmaking for me wasn’t just
a matter of writing a script
and then doing it.
Your own life and your own experience during
the making of it was also a very strong element. – FC

I don’t write about it on here, but I do a lot of activism and volunteering:
Climate justice, women’s groups, refugees, food kitchens, doing service for addiction groups.
I figured, get legitimate knowledge, and I’ll be even better equipped to help out.
I’d be able to explore humanity better through the scope of my filmmaking.
And with social collapse right around the corner since global warming hasn’t gone anywhere,
knowing more about social laws can only be useful.

Instead of seeing jobs or courses as means to an end,
I look at the width it has given my life.

The majority of today’s jobs didn’t even exist ten years ago.
While people used to stay with one company and rely on them to sort out their career path with promotions, nowadays we build our own rise through the ranks.
Jobs aren’t laid out or guaranteed at the end of our studies, and often it is up to us to
create our employment from scratch.
And now I’ve tasted the life of a freelancer, I can never go back.

I worry about what people might say behind my back, but I am psyched about all my life experiences.
I have lived life to the fullest, explored my passions,
left no page unturned.

So does my life make linear, structural sense? Nope.
As long as I’m still working, growing beyond myself and learning new skills, I refuse to feel bad.
In my head, social studies such as business and human rights interlink perfectly with my creative side (writing and film).
And I still got a lot of years to prove it to the world!

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