What if God is a placebo effect?

Says the deeply spiritual person. Hear me out: the placebo effect largely depends on the level of trust the patient has in the treatment, just like our Higher Power’s love can be felt by the people who believe in it. I’ve spoken before that even atheists believe in something, and I would like to explain my definition of God.

“There has been a tendency to regard the placebo effect as background ‘noise’ that must be subtracted from the results of a trial, rather than as a positive effect that could be exploited clinically.
It seems that for the placebo effect to work, the patient needs to believe in the treatment” – EMBO reports

Functionalism in sociology uses the body analogy to explain society working as an organism. The many institutions and individuals work as vital organs that allow society to exist.
I view God as the body of our collective humanity: we may not be aware of it or feel part of it, yet we have empathy towards each other and drive common interests forward.

What is the human body but a God to our organs?
What is our heart but a God to the individual cells?

God is but a label. It’s entirely human to name and give attributes to any ‘thing’, and thus it exists. When Buddhists say that we do not exist, they mean that our identity is made up: we are as much a collection of cells as well as our awareness that renews every moment.
When Christians say we should love each other, they mean that our neighbour is as much part of us as our hands are. They contribute to our quality of life, our happiness, our home.

Does it matter what God we believe in as long as we recognise that we are all part of one?

That’s where the placebo effect comes in. In our scientific society, we look down on the people in control groups whose health improves even though they are being fed sugar pills. It doesn’t mean that their disease was necessarily psychosomatic, but more that faith has an ability to heal.
If we believe that we are loved and guided, we will be.
If we trust that our life has value, it will.

A leaf, a branch, a Tree.
A brain, a human, a God.
Where do you make the distinction?

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