Psychosomatic or functional neurological disorders

In a world of amnesia, being in touch with your body is considered irrational.

We forgot that more input goes from the brain to the eyes than vice versa.

Reality is always constructed internally, and scientific labels are only as valid as their times.
Diseases can only be diagnosed if they have been discovered!

That being said, I am a closet hypochondriac, and only now refamiliarising myself with my body.

Since I can remember, I’ve always felt sick. I had scans and tests and check ups, but once I got diagnosed with anxiety a few years ago, everything is my anxiety.

Bloodred pee? Anxiety.

Rashes all over my arms and horrible breakouts that “they have never seen before”? Anxiety.

Anxiety is not a medical diagnosis, it’s a symptom. Now, did I get referred to therapy or was I asked any questions about stress and community in my life?

Now, you could say thats not the NHS responsibility, they’re not our parents after all.

Our parents will say, well, if the doctor’s don’t know what to do!

And FINALLY I decided that I cannot outsource my physical health. Instead of following advice, I am now sitting down and just listening. If I fancy pizza, I will have pizza. And then I will read up on what nutrients I am only getting from pizza, how that pizza was manufactured, and how I feel while preparing and digesting the pizza.

I turn fast food into smart food.

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