Enough is Enough – London marches for solidarity, climate justice and the right to peaceful protest with Extinction Rebellion

This Saturday, climate protesters gathered on the streets of London to launch Extinction Rebellion’s 2020 climate strategy. Along with various other activist and faith groups, grandparents joined students, doctors and farmers for the right to peaceful protest. Throughout these past months, rebels have been branded national extremists, when nobody could have foreseen the change they have brought in 2019.

When 3.5% of the population start participating, studies show social change is inevitable. That’s 2.3 million people in the UK.

The theme for this march was pink– aka wearing our heart on our sleeve. We wanted to show love and demand action. What we need is full on system change to avoid further climate change.

With our future hinging on career politician and capitalist lobbying groups, we need to put our money where our mouth is. The government is not only not making the changes required humanity to survive, we are leaving the most vulnerable of us out while debating over details. We need to show the world just how many of us are willing to sacrifice our time and reputation to help our planet.

The media bias on climate changers is huge: we are accused of police brutality, turning ambulances away and threatening violence which are directly against the XR guidelines and simply untrue! Alternative routes are planned far in advance with the city and hospitals, and blockades are always removed for ambulances. I have never seen this take longer than 2 minutes.
News outlets care more about price winning lawns in Cambridge than the millions of millions of pounds the colleges invest in fossil fuels and the destruction of farm land.

We might be inconvenient, but we are necessary.

Here is the XR 2020 Strategy to read.

Climate anxiety is real. Help protect our futures. If not now, when?

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