Any talent not shared turns into pain – Elizabeth Gilbert (or the silver lining to our suffering)

Elizabeth Gilbert, needless to say, wrote Eat, Pray, Love, and is all in all a beautiful source of inspiration for me. I found this tied in beautifully with the four noble truths of the Buddha.

The first states that suffering is inevitable: to live is to suffer. The longer we deny this reality, the more we are going to suffer.
Bleak to start with, but liberating when we read on: suffering is caused by desire, there is a way out of suffering, and the eight-fold path is the way out.

‘Anything you want to do you can do.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel the yearning to accomplish it.’

It is of note that Elizabeth used wisdom and talent interchangeably in this quote.
What is wisdom but a lesson learned of suffering?
What is talent if not the creation of beauty out of nothing?

If we hold either of these in, we hold on to a mass of energy that is yearning to be set free.

It turns into anxiety, frustration, lethargy. The only unique thing we can leave this world is our truth, learned from our own set of experiences and share of pain. Not a knee-jerk reaction, not defensiveness, but raw, vulnerable truth is what wisdom consists of.
Our talent is an expression of our accumulated truth and wisdom. It can be pointless, intangible, aggravating or inconvenient; yet it is always beautiful. It demands to be expressed.

I love this quote because it motivates me to express my truth, as holding it in would be in peril of my own soul and body. Somatic experiencing taught us that autoimmune diseases in particular are formed when we do not feel safe enough to express ourselves fully. We end up doing a disservice to ourselves, but also to the world.

Never again will there be a being like you.
Why would you let your truth go to waste instead of sharing it?

Are you unsure on how to start expressing your talent like Elizabeth Gilbert? Check out this blog post on creating your own art therapy!

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