Self-image and unachieved dreams

We all know that our internal dialogue defines our self-image.
Our insecurities, our obsessions, even what attracts us ultimately makes up who we are.
But how are we harming ourselves all the while thinking we are doing good?

If self-care feels like we’re going against our best self-interest,
our idea of self is skewed.

Easy example: It feels good to have chocolate. We like to feel good.
Have too much however and we are harming our health.
Tougher example: We love our partner. We don’t feel good after spending time with them.
We cannot imagine ourselves breaking up and would rather sacrifice our happiness.
(see this blog post about natural caregivers if this resonates)

If we don’t like the narrative, we change the narrator.

Living our dream life is achievable, but it takes guts.
As a recent blog post goes, self-care is often a very unbeautiful thing.
We might feel lost and unsure of how to achieve our goals, but it’s simple:
Become the person who has already done all those things. How did you get there?
Break down your dreams into sizable, achievable chunks.

Abstract goals will remain imaginary.
Peel off the layers of fear, reveal why you haven’t achieved them yet.
Only this way can you manifest what you aspire.

You want to be an author? Research how authors became published.
What competitions did they enter, what agencies did they approach?
You want to be in a relationship? Put yourself out there and be vulnerable.
Even if your dreams involve other people who you have no control over:
You still have a role to play, parts you can train for, hopes you can nourish.

It’s tempting to wallow in self-pity, find excuses or play the victim.
And I should know, I spend a lifetime doing so!
But these all keep us from growing and learning.
Have you accepted responsibility for your unachieved dreams yet?

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