FEELING instead of BEING the desire

Giving in to desires makes our capitalist world go round.
I’m no fiend to hedonism, and we all “deserve to treat ourselves” from time to time.
But can we sit with the desire, widening the gap on acting on it?
Do we act on our yearnings, or are we controlled by them?

There have been many people for whom limitations, failure, loss, or pain in whatever form turned out to be their greatest teacher.
It taught them to let go of false self-images and superficial ego-dictated goals and desires.
It gave them depth, humility and compassion.
It made them more real. – Eckhart Tolle

I was listening to this great podcast by Russel Brand and my spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle.
The discussion was on addicts and the need to escape our thoughts, when Tolle started speaking on desire.
Great change and adversity are inherently linked as one cannot exist without the other.
In the same way, pain and growth follow each other.
Without suffering, people (especially addicts) wouldn’t let go of their desires.
Once we move from being one with desires and learn to articulate it, we can learn from them.

Even my desire to become free or enlightened is just another craving for fulfilment or completion in the future.
So don’t seek to become free or desire or “achieve” enlightenment.
Become present.– Tolle

I have learned that all my fears and all my desires are ultimately the same:
The need to outrun my thoughts.
No matter what I desire, once I have it, I will want something else.
No matter what I fear, once it happens, it will shift to something else.

The problem is ultimately my thinking and the fact that I identify with it so strongly.
It is my self-image that is harming me most.

Increase your consciousness by delaying the completion of your desires by a few minutes.
Listen to what your body is trying to communicate, what lies underneath it.
Do not condemn yourself and heal your self-talk.

The force of our desires can leave us completely unaware of it.
The vicious cycle of needing and then blaming ourselves is sticky and treacherous.
Thinking that we’re not good enough or weak is egocentric too after all!
Instead, we need to unconditionally love. Just listen and love.

Desire is often a running away.
You do not need to numb your mind or soften reality.
All you’ve ever longed for is right here in the present moment.
Any answers you seek are in the silence that you are trying to drown.
All you have to do is sit with yourself.

3 thoughts on “FEELING instead of BEING the desire

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  1. This recent lockdown showed me quickly the folks who #1 haven’t had to sit with themselves, or avoided it altogether and #2 the folks that have never been told NO. I completely agree with what you’re saying here. Delaying the instant gratification, growing patience with oneself and most of all being. Welcoming in the present moment, one moment at a time. It’s a powerful choice that shifts everything. Kudos👏


    1. Thanks for your comment! It’s so easy to see these behaviours once we are out of the denial of them ourselves isn’t it? You spoke beautifully, let’s spread the wave of healing together x


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