Toxic positivity, negativity, and everything in between

I’ve been working on acknowledging when I’m not doing well.
Every self-help guru would agree that giving space to “negative” feelings is just as important as celebrating the good times.
So when I recently had a shitty week, I told everyone that I did. And that felt good.
On the other hand, does this perpetuate pessimism? Can an entire week be shit?
Where does toxic positivity end and toxic negativity begin?

It’s not about pretending we had a good time when we didn’t.
It’s about holding two opposing emotions at once.

The issue isn’t in having a great or a shit week, it’s that I write off seven whole days if so.
There is no grey area at all.
Bad things happening does not take anything away from anything good that happens, and in a whole week, something was bound to be nice (even if it is making it out of that week eventually!).
It’s a bad habit to have when the bad things are mostly people being annoying, but when I suffer a big tragedy, this kind of thinking might be my undoing.

Black and white thinking is survival thinking.
We focus on what needs fixing.
The problem is theres always stuff that needs fixing!
When do we just sit back?

So how do we fix always wanting to fix everything?
I’ve settled on drawing a dot every time I made something good happen:
I finally had that scary call, I did a new exercise routine, I tried a new recipe.
So if I ever do feel like my whole day was a write-off, I just need to check the whiteboard on my fridge –
3 dots! It couldn’t have been that bad!

Do you have any coping mechanisms to work on negative thinking?
How do you protect yourself from spilling into toxic positivity?

6 thoughts on “Toxic positivity, negativity, and everything in between

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  1. Lately when something goes wrong I try to look for a good thing.. I am a fan of gratitude practice, yes we have to acknowledge things that hurt or go wrong but we dont have to magnify that, but its what I used to do… I find gratitude really helps me feel more joyful and more present.

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