100 followers!! Thank you so much!

Feeling incredibly grateful to all the people have not only taken the time to read and like my posts, but to follow me as well! I know numbers shouldn’t matter, but I feel so validated in my journey in recovery from childhood trauma and learning more about mental ilness!

I’ve this blog for less than a year. First I started it because I loved my friends Prakriti’s blog http://chaaro.co/. I had no idea what I wanted to do though, so I posted quotes, musings and just general ramblings. For a while I struggled with too many passions to write about instead of finding a consistent theme. Slowly, I fell into the rhythm of writing about what I spend my free time learning about: above all, mental health!

A great way for my shelves of scientific and self-help books to come to good use. By writing up what I learned about them, I retain so much more. This is why I eventually changed my blog’s name: from dingbatcrazy to reparentyoursoul! Dingbatcrazy is my IG name to share my art, which I thought this blog might be about. Ultimately, it’s my learning I wanted to explore, and I’m glad I made the switch.

So anyway, I hope you are all enjoying the journey. I love having this blog to keep me productive every day, to encourage me to learn more about trauma and mental health and to discover people sharing their own experiences. Thank you so much for your trust, and I promise to keep you all entertained!

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