Do you feel stuck blogging and have too many passions to write about?

I started a blog to write my little heart out about all the topics I care about, but that turns about to be quiet a few. Not only have I read all the SEO guides I could find and am still none the wiser, but it seems that diversifying topics is the #1 mistake new bloggers make. Filmmaking, childhood trauma, drug addiction, poetry, youtube vlogs – they say I will never manage to build an audience this way.

At first I didn’t really care about gaining followers. Sure it feels nice, but I wasn’t after the numbers. But I definitely don’t want to confuse the people who are kind enough to follow me. Nor do I want to waste their time about topics they don’t care about. I feel blind sighted by all this blogging insight; after all, I’ve been writing for a while now, am I meant to delete all posts that are not about my number 1 topic? Are people meant to have a myriad of blogs for each subject they want to write about?

Honestly any kind of feedback is welcome. I’ve been really enjoying my time on here, but what I really want to do is help people get over their trauma alongside me. I want to start conversations about mental health, even if that means giving up this outlet I’ve grown to love for my poetry and movie discussion. Time for decisions now!

3 thoughts on “Do you feel stuck blogging and have too many passions to write about?

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  1. My blog is mainly about my journey as a survivor of childhood trauma. I also blog about my dogs, GOD, I write poetry and I have posted things regarding my experience being a parent. I was concerned about blurring the lines and not having just one topic. But for me my blog is an extension of me… I am a beautiful mixture of many experiences and ideas. I’m an original and so is my blog. Continue to write about what you want… your blog can be a extention of you and encase all the beautiful things that make up you. I wish you an enjoyable journey!


    1. This is so encouraging to read, thank you for your reply! I will keep going with my many topics because that’s what makes me unique and me! All the best for your journey too! x


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