Editing my first short film (or how to slowly lose your will to live)

I finally shot my very first short film that I wrote and directed! A dream that I’d aspired to for years had finally come true in November 2019, and I was over the moon with the result. Pulling MIRRORS off in 4 shoot days with a crew of 10 people was one thing, keeping it under £3’000 another. I honestly thought I had the hardest part behind me; how hard could the edit possibly be?

Turns out editing a short film is very different to editing youtube videos.

I always said I wouldn’t rush myself with the edit, but I’m on month 3 now and I’ve hardly made a dent. Film school glossed over the post-production aspect, and spend the first few weeks creating a spreadsheet with the takes, matching the video to the audio files, and making notes on each shot. Then I spend another month creating sequences for all the files which I had planned out previously. Basically, I’ve barely started.

My aim with this short film was not only to tell a story of childhood trauma and relationship drama, but also to test my limits in writing, directing, production and edit. I always knew this was going to be a learning curve, but I underestimated how emotionally taxing the process was.

Don’t like the acting? Well guess who did the casting and directing.
Don’t like the shot angle? Well who glossed over the shot list in the first place.
Wish you had more takes? Well… you get the spirit. I have nobody to blame but myself.

Post-production deals with finality; I am faced with the final product and will have to make the best I can with what I have. I always said that videos only come to life in the edit, and now its time to put action to words. I know that the key is to not give up, to do a little every day, to keep my goal in sight. Its easy to get distracted by writing new scripts, filming new youtube videos, but I know that my short film is the most important project I’ve worked on so far, the most me, the most worth doing.
So stay tuned for my short film which should be done within the next decade or so!

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