100 followers!! Thank you so much!

Feeling incredibly grateful to all the people have not only taken the time to read and like my posts, but to follow me as well! I know numbers shouldn't matter, but I feel so validated in my journey in recovery from childhood trauma and learning more about mental ilness! I've this blog for less than... Continue Reading →

Sand in my belly button #poem

Stretching my toes onto cold wooden floor My fingers undo whatever i wore Poking at buttons i got from a store My belly deletes all of your wars Sand without beach carried within Sadness only hides in my grin Screams carried in wind cannot begin Without first hiding in my delicate skin

Impatience is the price of youth

Impatience is the price of youth and the interest rates run high and the internet runs wild In patience do we find the truth.In wastage do we find the lootbut guilt is raining from the skybut your kilt is brushing up my thighImpatience is the spice of youth.Insane is the new coolhow we go on... Continue Reading →

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