NAME CHANGE: Dingbatcrazy to Reparent your soul

I started this blog because my friend told me hers helped her gather her thoughts. I wrote about philosophy, filmmaking, poetry and most of all, childhood trauma.
But what do I want to say in my writing?
The more I wrote, the more I realised that I could use my vast research on trauma recovery to help other people.

Anyone else who went through childhood abuse understands the obsession with understanding our soul. First I needed to know if I was broken, then how I could unbreak myself, and finally I realised there was nothing wrong with me at all.
EVERYONE has encountered some kind of trauma in their life, and addressing it head on has saved my life.

I have finally decided to rename my blog to something reflecting the topic.
DINGBATCRAZY is my artist alter ego, and I will keep my instagram handle of the same name.
However I find it might be confusing to relate the name to the content I produce, so I hope I can keep most of my lovely followers while I transition into the new handle. The posts won’t change, just the name! Lots of love!

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