Stressed and burned out? 4 tips to heal your soul

Humans today are born into a stressful and trauma-prone environment, forced to deny their true nature and emotions. Unprocessed feelings are sitting in most of us, festering into unhealthy patterns.
Be it sitting still in school, bullying or a car accident, trauma comes in all shapes and sizes.
Instead of living in the present, triggering situations conjure up raw pain from the past.
Here are 4 tips from nervous system expert Irene Lyon to lead happier, healthier lives:

  1. Connect to mother nature
    It’s easy to forget that we are part of the organism that is earth.
    Do we spend enough time in nature, and if that’s not possible, make it part of our imagination? Can we visualise the sand on the beach, the breeze between trees, the waves on the ocean? Do we feel part of all lives?
    This will help make us feel more grounded and sane. What sensations does nature evoke?
    Connect to the environment, even if that is the floor of the room you’re sitting on!
    Even better, have some plants you can water, some stones and eat unprocessed food.
  2. Connect to water
    Something about being immersed in water brings fluidity into our lives.
    Humans consist of mostly water. With all this water inside of us, have we lost flow?
    Get creative with including bodies of water.
    Do you enjoy your showers, take baths, do face steams or wash your feet?
  3. Follow our biological impulses
    Tuning into what our body needs will change your life.
    The more we listen, the more we will learn the difference between hunger and boredom.
    Our impulses and cravings are trying to tell us what our system needs.
    Trying to hold in sneezes or delaying going to the bathroom stops the natural flow of our body. From a young age we learned to ignore the signals of our physiology.
    Please make sure to read this post about interoception and our eighth sense for this.
  4. Move with awareness
    This doesn’t have to be exercise, but can be walking, dancing, tai chi, hiking or yoga.
    Anything that makes you connect to your body and your environment and not just mindlessly move! Can you feel how you are transported through the space you’re part of?
    It’s fine to listen to music or podcasts as long as we are still in tune with our body.
    Are you enjoying the movement, or are you suffering to achieve a figure?
    Do you attribute movement to positivity and self-care?

With all the amazing achievements of human kind, we have strived to reduce the need for fear and to make survival easier. And still, people get stuck into their suvival-spin program by stress.
We stop listening and questioning our ways of lives and simply go about the trot of our lives, slowly developing stress-related diseases and mental health issues.
Of course, these tips won’t solve everything and we should take advantage of modern medicine.
However you might be surprised at how much better you will feel once you start actively engaging with the space around you!

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