The harder it is outside, the more we work inside

Life has a habit of throwing us when we least expect it.
Top that with mental health struggles, and it’s easy to feel helpless to the moods of it.
I hadn’t struggled with depression for years, and have never been better in terms of self-care.
And yet, these past few weeks have floored me.

The harder things are in your life,
the more crucial is the work we do within ourselves.

Having an established depression toolkit has really helped this time around.
I have been through the ringer before, and know what helps me.
The mental defences and the external support system might have adapted to the new times, but it’s still there.
While mental health issues never get easier, they get less surprising at least.

I no longer outsource my mental health issues,
But I still seek outside help.

When life offers obstacles, I am tempted to give in to my inner demons too.
To succumb to self-pity and unhealthy behaviours, staying in bed all day, isolating myself.
But those times are exactly when my gratitude thinking and my spiritual journey is needed.
It’s easy to get lost in small disappointments, and focus on those instead of our wins.

So I keep it in the day,
and take my comfort zone for a walk.

The problem with being a lazy perfectionist is that not much gets done, and never to our liking.
Things will inevitably pile up, but we cannot lose sight of the larger picture.
We’re doing so well, and we just need to adjust our perspective to see this.

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