Let your tears water your soul

More often than not, we are trying to fight back tears.
When crying, we might feel embarrassed, vulnerable and caught off guard.
I doubt any of us reacts the same way when laughing!
Both are expressions of our feelings that would otherwise side inside of us, unprocessed.
We should treasure and be proud of our emotions inside of hide them.

“Let your tears come.
Let them water your soul.”

– Eileen Mayhew

Tears soften us.
They release the tension like opening a dam, showing humanity without our guard up.
I still struggle with trusting my tears.
They are present when they need to be, and are here to fulfil a purpose.
Tears connect; they open conversations and allow for compassion.

“My tears will heal.
And the wounded are everywhere.”

One day in film class, my friend from South America was showing us her storyboard.
She had been working on this animation for years, and while telling us the script, tears started rolling down her face.
As is custom, we all jumped up to offer tissues, but she waved us away.
I never wipe my tears, I let them flow. I am proud of them.”
She took her time telling us her story, not phased by her strong emotions shining through.
The image of this small woman standing in front of the whole class, sobbing, vulnerable, it was deeply moving and inspiring.

“Tears are only water, and flowers, trees,
and fruit cannot grow without water.

– Brian Jacques

How we process feelings can say a lot about us.
With an active effort we can learn to listen to our tears instead of swallowing them.
For a while I liked to cry once a day, watching sad videos or listening to sad songs.
I felt that it cleared any stored up feelings and left me feeling free.
Now I hope I am confident enough to love my tears when they want to be present.

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  1. It’s so important to experience your feelings instead of trying to suppress them, and I feel like your post highlights exactly this. What an important message to share, and I’m glad you put this out there for people to learn!

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