Signs you’re emotionally mature!

Are you actively trying to grow emotionally and wonder if it worked?
Often we over or underestimate our maturity.
From being the bigger person, stepping away from situations, not needing the last word, there are lots of signs that we are evolving emotionally.
Practice makes perfect to avoid overreacting.
Here’s a few simple signs to look out for (inspired by @selfcare4yu):

You understand that most bad behaviour stems from fear instead of unkindness

Recognising that those who wound us are acting out of anxiety helps us take it less personally.
With our own missteps we are lucky to know our excuse, but this is not the case with other people. Can we trust that everyone does the best they possibly can given their circumstances?

You feel free to be vulnerable with your loved ones and see it as a strength

When we build up walls due to past trauma, we keep out love as well.
Letting people in might seem like a weakness. But at some point we will need other people to help us, and we will find that vulnerability is key to emotional maturity.

You grow confidence by understanding that everyone is as lost and scared as you are

We are happy to love ourselves not because we are better than others, but because we are just like everyone. Finding similarities in our journeys helps us overcome imposter syndrome and fake confidence. True self-love is always based on more love.

You don’t keep resentments or expect other’s to read your mind.

If we don’t let past hurts fester inside of us, we are able to live in the present.
By practising our communication skills and speaking our truth, we also learn to stand up for ourselves and be accountable.

You are happy to apologise and own your mistakes

Ego and pride don’t control you anymore.
Above all, the truth and fairness will matter to you, whether it personally benefits you or not.
You no longer cling to what you believe is yours and practice abundance.

You self-regulate your anxiety, knowing that everything can be fixed

Not everything will always be fine, but we can always handle it.
We will survive anything and will be able to find a plan B, C or D.
People are ultimately kind and happy to help, and the world is large and full of possibilities.

Most importantly, we shouldn’t blame ourselves if we are not yet where we want to be.
Patience and gratitude are major life skills that might not feel as important, but are crucial to heal any past wounds. And avoid any further ones!
How do you measure your emotional growth?

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