Here’s why you don’t want lockdown to end

At the beginning of the pandemic, every mental health blog was writing about the curious phenomenon many of us experienced:
Our anxiety actually lessened during all of this!
It felt like we were so worried something bad was going to happen, that we were relieved in a way when it actually did. Now everyone is as paranoid and upset as we were, and in a perverse way, it felt like a weight is taken off our shoulders.
Now it is onto other people to be anxious!

Or maybe there is just so much reason for sadness and worry (especially in the last month), that we decided to take a step back as serial anxious people.

I don’t want to go back to the old normal.
As a proud introvert, I like the quiet streets, my free calendar and all the extra time for passion projects.
As an activist, I revel in the mass outrage that was long overdue, in my brothers and sisters getting the coverage they deserve and in the world changing little by little.
The old normal was blind, loud and chaotic to my causes.
The new normal is still chaotic, but I was born to survive in this one.

“I have Lockdown Syndrome – I don’t want this time to end” – Bryony Gordon

Gordon explains in this tongue-in-cheek article his guilt over enjoying a time that is crippling the economy and killing over 60’000 people in the UK alone.
There’s the obvious reasons: no commuting, less grooming, clear skies and no guilt over taking our time. I can try out different recipes instead of microwaving leftovers in an office, the gym has been replaced with outdoor exercise, and I’ve finally gotten over my fear of calling people out of sheer necessity.
In many (privileged) ways, life has been better than ever.

Unemployment is stressful, but there’s very little we can do.
There’s no guilt and shame for the first time ever.

There’s an entire reddit threat with over 7’000 upvotes talking about why Brits don’t want the lockdown to end. I’m clearly not alone, and we’re in no rush to abandon our homes for the incessant running around of work anymore.
I’ve written a love letter to London during the lockdown before if you would like to check that out.
How do you feel about it? Are you enjoying the slowing down of society or do you miss how the world used to be?

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