How to manage adult ADHD!

Now you’ve got the diagnosis and some reading up on it, what’s next? Read on for tips on handling adult ADHD that I acquired over the years!

The material search for intimacy

How do you create intimacy: does it come naturally to you, do you have to make time for it or do you fear it? And can you find it within yourself?

Falling back into trauma

Trauma recovery is kind of my thing. So when a recent trauma threw me, I thought bouncing back would be no biggie.

Let your tears water your soul

When crying, we might feel embarrassed, vulnerable and caught off guard. Here’s why you should feel proud of your tears.

How to stop repressing your emotions!

The people here in the UK are known to have a stiff upper lip;
they hold back on showing their feelings as emotional public displays are discouraged. But why is that dangerous?