Social distancing with NO WIFI?!

I had certainly chosen the wrong time to move homes.
Talk about real social distancing!

To be fair, I had been planning to move since November, and the moving date had been set more than a month ago (before we realised what a mean virus Covid-19 will turn out to be).

Of course I worried, I called around to see if I should cancel, but even the moving van told me to go ahead with the original date. Sweet!, I thought. I’ve got a balcony in this new flat, it’s close to the park and a big supermarket, definitely a better place to practice social distancing anyway.
Well I had forgotten about the bill setup being much slower!

Now in the spirit of silver lining, I first tried to make the best out of the no-internet situation.
Surely I could get more work done? Nope, I still haven’t touched the edit of my short film since I moved in. I have watched all of my downloaded movie library though…
Maybe I will stop scrolling social media so much? I’m unhappy to report my screen time has gone up 200%. I did manage to upload a blog post when back in my old flat though.

Am I appreciative of all that I have instead? To a degree. My heart hurts for the homeless in times like these, and I can’t pity myself for no internet access while others don’t even have a home. In London, the councils have started moving the homeless into hotels, but only the few as my daily walks are showing me. Although my phone bill for data has gone through the roof, I am not so spoiled to realise how luck I have it. But in times of social distancing, we’re all faced with our privilege and shortcomings alike.

Obviously, as you can see by this blog post, I got internet again!
I did a little dance once the wifi connected and squealed, scaring my rats.
What have I accomplished in my week of total social distancing? If anything, I realised how easily I can go without physical contact, but how painful digital isolation is. Take away skype, zoom, facebook and whatsapp, and I’m a mess.
Have I managed to heed my own tips in my post about working from home? Kinda, but I definitely didn’t write King Lear during my week off the internet. I spend it mostly planning out blog posts, starting and abandoning scripts, and unpacking into my new home.

Of course, social distancing has only just started in the UK. We still got weeks and months to go, but if i can survive it with no wifi at all, surely it will be a breeze from now on?
Past experience has shown me differently, but in any case I will be sure to let you all know!

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