How to stop outsourcing your wellbeing

At the fragile 26 year mark of my life, I finally found what adulthood truly means to me (whether I want it to or not):

Stop outsourcing your personal responsibilities and wellbeing

That means my career is no longer my employer’s job, my health no longer my GP’s and my happiness no longer my friend’s. I’m bound to feel powerless if I don’t take ownership over my assets (hrhr)

Choose connection over solitude

Fast and easy pleasure might be what I crave, but not what this body deserves. No more smiling and saying yes to please others, all the more exploring and speaking to strangers.

What others think of me matters only if I have no opinion of my own

Stay humble, but respect your unique experiences. Nobody else is lucky enough to live your life, so don’t take it personally if people cannot see your true intentions. Stay honest and there will be nothing to apologise for.

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