Finding your Echo

In the Greek myth, Echo was a cheeky forest nymph who was known for always having the last word. Goddess Juno punished her by removing her free expression
(mass surveillance cough cough). When Echo encountered gorgeous Narcissus in the woods, she could only return his own words to him.

‘Is anyone there?’


‘Come here!’


Echo fled in shame as Narcissus didn’t even notice her. She wasted away leaving behind only her echo.

Echo based her sense of self worth in the perception of herself in others. Gods doing as they do and meddling for no good reason, punished her for it. And then time punished her over and over again for not learning her lesson.

Donna Christina Savery‘s book Echoism carefully analyses the myth, focusing on Echo’s perspective in the relationship. is a resourceful non-profit aiming to stop narcissist abuse in society. Narcissist ideology seems to be thriving in society, and its victims are coming together in masses.

I spend many years considering narcissists as monsters, then as mentally deficient, and now as stuck. Maybe narcissists have found a loophole in society, being that ethics are not actually binding. There is no humanity police. They see the world as victims and abusers, and figure its safer to be on the controlling side. What if they’re right?

They would be, if it wasn’t for victims who healed and did not reach for violence. I like this idea, as it gives me a reason to heal. Prove them wrong. Love them back.

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