Let your tears water your soul

When crying, we might feel embarrassed, vulnerable and caught off guard. Here’s why you should feel proud of your tears.

How to stop repressing your emotions!

The people here in the UK are known to have a stiff upper lip;
they hold back on showing their feelings as emotional public displays are discouraged. But why is that dangerous?

That’s it, I’m doing it!

The thing about quitting one addiction is how obvious all others become.
Now I know how much better life is without the one thing that made it worth living, I’m out of excuses.

Happy World Mental Health Day!

Today, I celebrated by cancelling all my plans and sleeping for hours.
Sometimes, this is what depression looks like. Sometimes, it’s self-care.

The art of prioritising

Roles and responsibilities are piling up, and so does the guilt associated with them. When it is impossible to do everything, what do we do first?

I can’t wait to be patient

Our world doesn’t lend itself to patience. With social media, Amazon Prime and Google, it’s not surprising I expect immediate results for everything else, most of all healing.

And then I said no

This week, while dealing with loss and guilt, self-care took on a different form for me. A tattoo that was waiting to be finished had to make way for me to get some sleep.