Can Anarchy and Democracy co-exist?

The concept of a total free market is often tied to left-wing anarchists, which is reflected in the lack of research into it. A democratic government aims to better every citizen’s life, however large grey zones are being ignored. White-collar crime, drugs, ever changing cyber security and clickbait advertising which arguably affect people most, go vastly unregulated. The system is already broken.

The law of supply and demand ignores the origins of both. Politics and tradition shape trade relationships for international product supply. And demand can be shifted, manipulated, exploited and lied about.

Democracy relies on common trust and honesty that has been breached.

The only immediate action required is to acknowledge that our current system is not perfect, and to not shy away from changing it. Still grieving world wars, we are clutching onto our legislatures like a gasmask, terrified of repeating the past.

But this time, the whole world will be watching online.

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