WHY is nobody talking about Iran???

My parents are currently in Iran, and stopped replying a few days ago. Last night, an Iranian comedian I follow on youtube uploaded a video. He apologised for not uploading a funny vlog because of the news in Iran. What news in Iran, I thought? On Friday the government announced a 300% price hike in... Continue Reading →

And so October 31st passes

Brexit is just as messed up, and the world did not go under. Boris Johnson had painted a dystopia in which the public would rise up if another extension was needed. It had to be sorted by today OR...? Whether one is a Remainer or a Brexiteer (because it is impossible at this point to... Continue Reading →

Can Anarchy and Democracy co-exist?

The concept of a total free market is often tied to left-wing anarchists, which is reflected in the lack of research into it. A democratic government aims to better every citizen's life, however large grey zones are being ignored. White-collar crime, drugs, ever changing cyber security and clickbait advertising which arguably affect people most, go... Continue Reading →

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