WHY is nobody talking about Iran???

My parents are currently in Iran, and stopped replying a few days ago. Last night, an Iranian comedian I follow on youtube uploaded a video. He apologised for not uploading a funny vlog because of the news in Iran. What news in Iran, I thought?

On Friday the government announced a 300% price hike in oil prices, on top of an already massively strained economy under US sanctions. Protests broke out, and president Rouhani and the supreme asshat Khomeini killed 95% of ALL NATIONAL INTERNET ACCESS (and the remaining are government websites).

Over 200 reported deaths, videos of automatic weapons and helicopters used on civilians, and I knew nothing of it. I follow BBC and ITV news, check the Apple news app several times a day, and follow activists on social media, but nothing.

I instagrammed about it and went to bed, expecting the world to catch up and waking up to a total media barrage.
Boy was I wrong.

There is an appalling lack of English language coverage. BBC Persia is spreading misinformation, calling the protestors foreign spies, Rouhani called the protestors hooligans, and a few news articles speaking of ‘dozens dead’ is all I could find. The TV news reports I could find were from Al Jazeera, France 24, nothing on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, LBC radio. Manotoo, an independent Farsi news channel based in London, has been doing amazing reporting and getting attacked heavily for it.

How are journalists ignoring 80 million people being butchered in their home cities?

How are people expected to live and work suddenly unable to travel?

How are martyr meant to fulfil their purpose if nobody is singing their songs?

The language of Iran is Farsi. I speak Farsi, but cannot write it and read it. This is the case with most children of Iranian immigrants who moved after the revolution.


On twitter, #Iranprotests has become my only source of information. I am worried for my parents, my uncles and aunts, my cousins, my grandparents. I am worried for the youth of Iran, the corpses I have seen littering the streets on Twitter, for all other Iranians fearing for their loves ones.
I am worried about the people unaware their families are being slaughtered.

Please please please spread the word, there are a lot of human rights crisis’ in the world right now, but we cannot allow Hong Kong, Chile, etc to fill our daily foreign news quota! Public pressure is the ONLY thing that can stop the atrocities in Iran, which are a DIRECT consequence of the years-long economic warfare and sanctions that have been imposed on the PEOPLE of Iran, not the government.

Please help. Please tell your friends, your family, your coworkers. Ask them if they have heard about this. If you work in media in any way, please report on the situation.

Let the world know that Iran is DYING!

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