How to see lemonade in an ocean of piss (or on surviving the UK elections)

The public reaction I woke up to today was similar to the one on 24th June 2016, the morning after the Brexit referendum. Labour has lost big, while the Conservative party painted the country blue. In London, still gripped tightly in red, people seem defeated. How can we survive the elections?

Controversial opinion here: I can see the appeal of Boris Johnson.
At a time where our country is only united in name, he managed to represent the largest group of the UK: the people fed up with Brexit. Even I, who is disgusted by his and his parties lies, climate response and media policy, felt moved by his speech this morning.
This is a man who believes he’s doing the right thing for his country, I thought, and he’s willing to lie for it. But let’s leave the political analysis to the experts.

Now that Boris has been elected, what to do? How can this country heal? Obviously, we haven’t heard the last of Brexit by a long shot, but what if the election results really got to us (like if we worry about the NHS, the environment, etc)?

Our political responsibility and voice don’t end with the election cycle.

Let’s be there for each other when we loose faith in democracy. There are systems in place to be heard, by contacting our local MP, by engaging in protests or joining Citizen’s Assemblies. Community work and volunteering especially in the holiday period can help regain faith in humanity. 

And if we get emotional towards voters of different beliefs, then we become part of the problem of the duality of right and wrong: there are only losers there. People are scared for their futures, nobody votes for a party “because they don’t care for the poor or sick”. So if a person is spouting a whole load of yellow liquid, let’s be bigger than a golden shower. Let’s have a very unpolitical christmas!

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