Sand in my belly button #poem

Stretching my toes onto cold wooden floor My fingers undo whatever i wore Poking at buttons i got from a store My belly deletes all of your wars Sand without beach carried within Sadness only hides in my grin Screams carried in wind cannot begin Without first hiding in my delicate skin

how to make old friends and lose new ones

Since i quit the corporate life last year, I’ve had to really face my definition of friendship. Many friends are made out of convenience, similar interests or the wider friend group. I thought I had realised that friendships, like any other relationship, needs active work. But once I completely changed what I wanted in life,... Continue Reading →

On craving and rejecting intimacy

I am part of a generation that feels abandoned. Picture a child, left alone all day with other children, and then left alone all alone. Resenting the parents it was gifted, because they were no parents at all.And thus was their role; I was born to call my mother by her first name. Now, when... Continue Reading →

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