Taking Christmas off people (or a good idea with bad timing)

For starters, I am working today. In a hospitality job no less, so people can not be avoided (not five guys but I liked the photo I took there after work).

I made sure to get a job in time for the holidays, because for the first time, I was not going to make a fuss about it or let others do so. I got away with two presents, and refused to follow up on the generous offers from my friends. I wanted to have an excuse to go nowhere.

I’ve been serving people all day in our cinema, and I’ll be working the 31st and 1st too. I am having some sort of martyr complex about it: better me then someone else with children or a large family.

Christmas is suicide-high time, and I’m glad our cinema will be open for people. A world to escape to when one gets tired with questions about Christmas plans. We’ve had someone watch Star Wars twice daily since last week, and I smile warmer every time he comes back.

And again I ask myself, where would we (ie I) be without cinema? Movies to escape to when we have had it with our job, our family, with Christmas?

My Christmas party this year was after an 11 hour workday with a bunch of strangers. Turns out love is like pizza: always great, but even better when unexpected.

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