The words less spoken: why truth matters

This is my third post in my series for M. Scott Peck's The Road Less Travelled.I've been really enjoying writing about his 4 essential steps to process pain from problem-solving!First we learned about the importance of delaying gratification and accepting responsibility.Today, we will explore dedication to truth and why it matters! Our view of reality... Continue Reading →

One self-imposed crisis after another

My friend looks relieved as he recounts his drama-filled days."I used to say to my wife 'we cannot have things too nice because they always go wrong'.I do not think like that anymore. My days are quiet now, peaceful."I too identify with his words. Did I love the drama, or did the drama love me?... Continue Reading →

Impatience is the price of youth

Impatience is the price of youth and the interest rates run high and the internet runs wild In patience do we find the truth.In wastage do we find the lootbut guilt is raining from the skybut your kilt is brushing up my thighImpatience is the spice of youth.Insane is the new coolhow we go on... Continue Reading →

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