The art of prioritising

Roles and responsibilities are piling up, and so does the guilt associated with them. When it is impossible to do everything, what do we do first?

And then I said no

This week, while dealing with loss and guilt, self-care took on a different form for me. A tattoo that was waiting to be finished had to make way for me to get some sleep.

What if we DID choose our parents?

I was thinking about the cycle of suffering we go through, blaming our behaviour on our childhood. Can a little thought experiment free us from resentment?

Raising kids? Avoid this ONE THING

It’s very simple advice, and most parents go the other way. Raising kids has a million rules, but there is only one to follow to assure a loving upbringing.

We Are Both: Parenting and Apocalypse Now

Show me someone not terrified of becoming their parents. The only way most people learn to cope with their childhoods is to vilify their parents, in a childlike ‘I-wasn’t-given-what-I-am-owed’ kind of way. Reparenting yourself often becomes a race against time to break the cycle, process your pain and heal your family – before you start…


Our lives were one from the start And will stay one with all mother’s lives Whatever we do, its too late Too late, she says I see you in every woman And behind every man Where am I? Am I in your belly? Under your foot? On your back? All I know is I’m there…