Nazanin, nazanin #poem

A poem for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian woman jailed in Iran as a bargaining chip since April 2016.
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s comments as well as a UK-US staged coup in 1953 for petroleum access and unpaid fee’s from the UK to Iran for tanks in 1979 sealed Nazanin’s fate.
Nazanin’s daughter is now 6 years old, and her husband is waiting for Nazanin in London.

I wake each morning a prayer on my lips
Nazanin nazanin
I pour your daughters milk into my cereal
Nazanin nazanin

She will go hungry while I sit at home
Scrolling through news articles
Posting on social media
Words upon words on how unfair this is
But all your daughter can say is
Nazanin nazanin

When my grandmother passed last year
And I was asked to her funeral in Iran
Nazanin nazanin
What if we both don’t come home

When I was asked to give Boris a chance
Last year by passing-by people
Nazanin nazanin
What if you never come home

His words kept you behind bars
Breakfast’s too salty says your child
Thanks for your words says your husband
It all started a long time ago say our ancestors

They lied and cried about British Petroleum
Away with democracy to fill their pockets
If only we lived forever, their crimes wouldn’t hold
Then maybe we would remember what the west stole

If only we lived forever
They’d still be behind bars, praying
Nazanin nazanin

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  1. I wrote about Iran in my novel’Behind the Oleander’.I worked in Iran for the British military.I was amazed then and am horrified today in how our involvement has led to so much suffering and pain.Nazanin’s plight is our responsibility.

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