On finishing my first TV script – am I a script writer yet?

A few weeks ago I finally finished an idea that I’ve been working on for over a year. In it, we follow three generations of women across three different time lines to explore the trauma they inflict on each other, as well as their journey to motherhood. In a way, I was trying to work through my own family issues and worries for my future children in a constructive, creative way on my journey to becoming a script writer.

The grandmother in her early teens, the mother in early adulthood, and finally the daughter: they all must learn that blaming their mother only results in being blamed themselves later on.
It sounds complicated; it was even more complex to write. I am a fiend of story blueprints. After all, if the world’s writing workshops had it all figured out, there wouldn’t be a need for me.

So I finally finished the script to episode 1, I outlined the next 2 episodes, and I send it off for my first writing competition. Apart from classes in the 6 month film course that I didn’t even finish, I have no real writing experience. I am completely unpublished apart from a collection of poetry that I along with other classmates published exactly 10 years ago. Yet here I am, thinking I stand a chance in the over-saturated world of writers. Because someone has to brace the journey to become a script writer and feed our imagination, right?

I write big, and I dream even bigger. My goal is not only to win competitions, I want to see a play of mine performed. It is not enough to work on my own short films, I want the world to see what I have to offer. And I hope all other writers spit equally big visions.
I have no idea whether my stories will touch a nerve with the world, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try my hardest to get them out there.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to edit your own short film?

3 thoughts on “On finishing my first TV script – am I a script writer yet?

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  1. Keep writing! Keep dreaming. And as you write, write with the attitude of the writer who has been published, and whose works are everywhere and loved. Write like you’re possessed by the spirits of the greats. Nail that, and it is only a matter of time before it all happens. I love the idea behind your series. Beautiful


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