But when do I leave it?

Is a project ever really finished or do people just run out of energy? Even with deadlines at work, it’s not like there’s never not more work to be done. It’s not like we often end relationships because we think they’re pure evil. We just have more important things we need to focus on.

We might think our world is very self-reflective, but Zac Efron still got YOLO tattooed across his knuckles. We can have so many identities, different careers, families and homes in this one life. How can we have yesterday’s expectations and hope for happiness, when just our grandparents thought happiness was for the heavens?

Benchmarks are now training wheels, they’re made to be moved away.
Finishing anything is a kind of death. It’s a defeat to ‘well-thats-as-good-as-its-gonna-get!’. Because it’s never gonna be as good as you imagined it.

I think the fault might lie with our weird glitchy expectations nowadays: there’s a right and a wrong way of doing it. There’s a high chance of failure. And it won’t be the drawing failing, but ME.

That’s why I like doodling, and making art out of whatever’s in my home. Less risk, no plans, just creating.

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