Balance: The final part to processing pain

After delaying gratification, accepting responsibility and the importance of truth, we will read about the final ingredient to processing pain according to Peck: balance!

Negative thinking will heal you

Does mainstream optimism exclude realities we avoid facing? Do we have enough confidence in ourselves to admit all truths?

Change here for change #poem

I was walking one night to catch my train Booze and drugs devouring my brain Started to run when i saw the time Switched my playlist from indie to grime Started to run to catch a faster one By minutes or hours, as long as I won Who or what only became clear Once I…

Judge people by how they act to people apologising to them

“A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.” – Dave Barry I am a stubborn gal. Blame it on me being a taurus, but I hold grudges. Treat me badly and show the slightest tint of remorse, and we’re good. But refuse to acknowledge my pain, and we’re pretty…

The Beauty of Oppression

Most people today know that they are worth shit. There are more minorities than majorities, and the former are invariably told from birth that they will have to try harder. Children of immigrants learn not to become a bother, women apologise repeatedly and LGBT folk learn to switch their personality on and off, because we…