Words taint you #poem

do you ever get one of those feelings like levelling up or no longer broke countdowns up and your boost doubled thats me when i listened and you spoke. burn these lines and jail all poets who cage your light before they see then compare thee to a lousy day sing of God to death... Continue Reading →

From the sublime to the ridiculous #poem

How lovely to walk in the dark Skies to kiss my echoes Streetlights burning frivolous How strange to dodge the waves Lapping at sand my size Latching on scales limitless How fragile to quieten the thoughts From my bed to the sea From the sublime to the ridiculous

Sand in my belly button #poem

Stretching my toes onto cold wooden floor My fingers undo whatever i wore Poking at buttons i got from a store My belly deletes all of your wars Sand without beach carried within Sadness only hides in my grin Screams carried in wind cannot begin Without first hiding in my delicate skin

Other guys #poem

red and blue and yet and you andfind me something that won't leave thensick as dogs as slick as yourslose that smile and then my warswink of an eye blink and then crysink before you say goodbye your words pile high til they match my eyesyou go on and i'll meet other guys

Umbrella poem

that slap of icy wind lost on a beachsave your breath, he knows what i think the rowdy crows nearby settling at duskshake your head, cross my arms, spread my dust this sand sticks closer to me than you ever didand these waves crash softer than words the hair on my neck still points towards... Continue Reading →

Is sharing caring?

Sharing welcome information certainly is, and I hope not to sound too judgy here. If a thought can be a sin, surely we’re all sinners. and isn’t writing using repetitive hand movements to facilitate my thought process (at least here)? Why do I feel guilty for using conversation as a tool to organise my mind?... Continue Reading →

My lines lie

Dented and hollow, Blurry blasts of fresh air fresh from the tree My bones can breathe again My heart howls Drowsy and hot Rain rushes from suns and gushes in glee My tongue can taste again. My eyes hound you Quiet and still Webbing up thoughts and letting down peers My life can start again.

Kill Your Darlings

Faulkner first said this about writing, then Ginsberg, then Stephen King. It’s one of my mantras, but why? Let’s forget about writing. Kill your darlings but kill your enemies too. Not literally, but the ones we carry in our hearts. Forgive them by yourself, and cut your own heart into a million pieces. I feel... Continue Reading →

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