Excuse the ideas #poem

“Do you think that I count the days? There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk.”― Jean-Paul Sartre but what will i do tomorrow you ask i will tell you then but what will can survive such sorrow i will find... Continue Reading →

Other guys #poem

red and blue and yet and you andfind me something that won't leave thensick as dogs as slick as yourslose that smile and then my warswink of an eye blink and then crysink before you say goodbye your words pile high til they match my eyesyou go on and i'll meet other guys


A heart hurt is a heart grown Stretched to the darkest corners of your mind A mind ripped is a mind won Evil does not knock, it purrs I kiss tired shadows who have shown whats mine is yours, and what we find is guilt and all fear gone Love does not ring, it blurs... Continue Reading →

At the moment

My life is a spiral, ending in you,starting in fog, red and blue. Lord knows what I'll run into.You might choose me now, true,tomorrow, who's knows what you'll do. At the moment I miss you enough not to tell you.Come watch the streetlights turn blue,let's see what our dreams come to.Who care's what's right or... Continue Reading →

But when do I leave it?

Is a project ever really finished or do people just run out of energy? Even with deadlines at work, it’s not like there’s never not more work to be done. It's not like we often end relationships because we think they're pure evil. We just have more important things we need to focus on. We... Continue Reading →

Leaving just to come back in again

Have you ever walked into a room confused, stepped back into where you came from, then turned around and came back into the room and spot what you came for, which you had missed and forgotten about the first time you had walked into the room? Escher Have you ever looked out into the ocean... Continue Reading →

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